Tucson Bird Count
2014 Spring Count: April 15 - May 15!!


What is the Tucson Bird Count?

The Tucson Bird Count (TBC) is a cooperative project begun by members of Tucson's science, conservation, and birding communities. Each year, TBC volunteers (each on a morning of their choosing) collect data on the abundances and distributions of bird species from hundreds of sites in and around the Tucson area. In addition to being a lot of fun, the TBC emphasizes a scientifically rigorous survey design to ensure quality data for a number of uses. Currently, the TBC consists of two programs, the annual Route Program and the quarterly Park Monitoring Program.

 What are TBC data used for?

 Uses of TBC data include monitoring the status of the Tucson-area bird community over time, finding the areas of town and the land use practices that are succeeding at sustaining native birds, and investigating the ecology of birds in human-inhabited landscapes. Data and analyses, including distribution maps for most species counted in the TBC, are publicly available on the TBC web site. A detailed list of some of the publications, projects, presentations, and press that the TBC has produced or contributed to so far is available at the TBC Press Room site.

Why birds in urban areas?

The Tucson Bird Count aims to help people make informed decisions regarding the impacts of human actions on wildlife. Urban and suburban areas continue to grow, yet this growth need not spell disaster for all native wildlife. Through informed land use, Tucson may be able to sustain a diverse bird community, aiding in conservation of bird species as well as enhancing quality of life for Tucson’s human inhabitants.

Who can participate?

Larry Norris, TBC Volunteer

The Tucson Bird Count is performed mostly by volunteer birders from the community. These "Citizen Scientists" are the backbone that makes the TBC work! To learn more about the TBC or to sign up for your routes, go to the Current TBC page.

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