Welcome to the Tucson Bird Count

Where Birds Thrive, People Prosper

Check out our new data-viewing features! You can choose a bird species and see where in the study area they have been detected. Click on one of those points and see how the detections have changed over time with an auto generated graph and corresponding table. See this data analysis feature here or click the image below of a sample graph.

Example of graph showing occurences of Cactus Wren over time in a Tucson Bird Count survey location in Saguaro National Park.

Welcome to the Tucson Bird Count website! Data entry, resources for surveyor and summaries are located under the Results and Data Entry Tab.

Welcome to the Tucson Bird Count!

Where Birds Thrive, People Prosper

The Tucson Bird Count is dedicated to making Tucson a better place for birds and for all of us

The Tucson Bird Count aims to help people make informed decisions regarding the impacts of human actions on wildlife. Urbanization is a movement that is well established and will continue to grow in the future and one way to reconcile that loss of habitat is to endeavor to share our urban space with native birds and wildlife. Through informed decisions we can all help Tucson sustain a diverse bird community which is good for the birds and also enhances the quality of life for Tucson’s human inhabitants.

The Tucson Bird Count is a citizen-science driven effort that has documented how native birds use the habitat within and surrounding Tucson for over a decade. The information gained through this study has allowed informed recommendations on what Tucsonans can do within their yards, neighborhoods and communities to make Tucson a better place for birds. As Tucsonans make changes and efforts to share their city space with native birds, the count effort itself will document how birds respond to all of our efforts to provide habitat for native birds right within our own habitat.

Whether you are helping with the volunteer annual bird counting efforts or enhancing your urban habitat for the benefit of native birds, you are helping make Tucson a better place for birds and for all of us. Thank you.

2023 Tucson Bird Count

Available Routes

These are the routes that are currently available and in need of a counter. Each route is a series of multiple points and each route is a different color. Please email Jennie at jmacfarland@tucsonaudubon.org to claim a route. I am doing my best to keep this map current and routes are first come, first served.

List of Spring Routes Available in 2023 – Counted Once a Year

RouteID Name
103 Central North – Kolb from River to Sunrise
111 North West – Oracle from River to Magee
112 North West – Oracle from Ina to Hardy
113 North West – Oracle from River to Hardy
116 North West – Ina from Silverbell to La Cholla
117 North West – I-10 from Ruthrauff to Orange Grove
119 North West – Silverbell and Sunset, west of I-10
120 North West – West of Silverbell at Orange Grove, inlcudes some desert locations
121 North West – Sunset and Gerhart
123 Central West – West of Silverbell around Sweetwater Drive
126 Central West – Speedway west into Tucson Mountain Park
129 Central West – I-10 from Speedway to Wetmore
132 Central West – From Starr Pass and Greasewood to Grant and 1st St.



South West – I-19 conection with I-10 north to Congress

South West – Ajo and Kinney Rd.

136 South West – Ajo and Mission Rd near Kennedy Park
138 South West – I-19 from Valencia to Ajo
140 Central South – Campbell from Valencia to Benson Hwy
141 Central South – west of Alvernon from Valenica to Silverlake
142 Central South – west of Alvernon from Valencia to 36th St.
143 Central South – Valencia and Alvernon
144 Central South – north of Valencia and east of Alvernon
149 North East – Houghton and Catalina Highway
155 Central East – Golflinks from Wilmot to Houghton
156 North East – Houghton from Tanque Verde Rd. to Snyder Rd.
157 Central East – Harrison from 22nd to Wrightstown
162 North East – north of Reddington, east of Soldier Trail
164 Central East – Broadway from Harrison to Freeman into Saguaro NP East
168 Central East – Houghton and Drexel
169 South East – Houghton and Invington
170 North West – Oracle and Ina
172 North West – Oracle and Lambert
175 North West – Cortaro Farms Rd west of I-10
176 North West – Cortaro and Silverbell
179 Marana – Silverbell and Twin Peaks
180 Oro Valley – Thornydale and Lambert
185 South West – Ajo east of Kinney Rd.

List of Park Routes Available in 2024 – Counted Four Times a Year

507Arroyo Chico Wash, Tucson to Randolph
510Arthur Pack Regional Park
516Fred Enke Wash
524Tanque Verde Wash
530Tucson Mountain Park
541Pima Canyon Estates
538Barrio Kroeger Lane Neighborhood
544Big Wash/OVMP
548Avra Valley WWTP
552Michael Perry Park
922Saguaro NP East: South Route
943Sabino Canyon – Bear Canyon
943Sabino Canyon – Bear Canyon